About Us

Thanks for checking us out! We’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and give you a bit of background about who we are.

We got our start in webcasting back in 1999 when we set up an alternative rock internet station playing a mix of new rock and modern rock classics. There were very few stations like ours at the time which made our stream very popular with those seeking an alternative to terrestrial radio which was becoming very homogenized at the time.

In the years following, we saw a greater need to provide local and culturally diverse programming to the area which was (and still is) underserved by the Boston radio market. In 2003, we formed our community radio group to fill this gap and have since blended an amazing mix of music with programming that reflects Scituate and its rich cultural history.

This venture has always been about serving those in the community and providing the area with an independent voice.  We are not looking to turn a profit, we just want to severe the community and play some really cool tunes.

Over the years we’ve improved our technology and presentation, but our philosophy has always stayed the same; super-serve the community and have fun.